Test and Inspection Services

TMC manufacture a wide range of transformers, chokes and coils, which have to meet the requirements of numerous specifications. To undertake this task we hold  an extensive range of calibrated test equipment.
We are fully equipped to carry out the following tests. :-

  1. Voltage measurement  1.0mV  to 28kV AC. &  40kV DC.
  2. Current measurement  1.0mA to  1000A AC. & 100A DC.
  3. Watts 1.0mW to 40kW AC. @ 50Hz.
  4. Measurement of Volts, Amps & Watts at various frequencies 15Hz to 1.0kHz.
  5. High voltage proof testing 6.5kV AC Equivalent 9.0kV DC.
  6. Insulation Resistance 250 /1000V DC. 100GΩ
  7. DC resistance 1.0mΩ to 40.0MΩ
  8. Over Potential testing. ( Double the frequency at twice the voltage )
  9. Supply source impedance. 0/600v AC.
  10. Measurement of Primary peak inrush current  1000A max.
  11. Capacitance 0.010pF to 30F   50Hz to 100kHz
  12. Inductance  0.010μH to 600kH  50Hz to 100kHz
  13. Measurement of Power factor, VA, & VAR.
  14. Temperature, Range –50 to 250˚C.


To assist with the above TMC have in their possession three variable power supplies
a).        0/600V  Single phase 50Hz.
b).        0/700V  Three phase 50Hz.
c).        0/600V  Single phase 15Hz to 1.0KHz  1000VA



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